Ingame Commands and shortkey

(last update : April 17 2019)

Help topics are:

Saving, Loading, Multiboard, Ranks, Medals, Commands, Credits

Type -help [topic] for information about a specific topic

-= Saving =-

Type -save to get a save code

The save code contains your gained rank experience and individual upgrades you may receive later in the game

Remember that the code is case sensitive. That means that 'A' and 'a' are not the same!

The lastest save codes are stored in :

"C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Warcraft III\CustomMapData\Savegames\DotD 6"

-= Loading =-

When you have a save code (explained in Saving) you can load your hero's experience in the beginning of the next game

Type -load [Your save code]

Remember that your code is case sensitive. That means that 'A' and 'a' are not the same!

After you loaded you will receive a confirmation if the process was successful

To prevent other players of stealing your code it will only work when you use the name that you have used when you saved

-= Multiboard =-

You can modify your multiboard with the following commands:

-add x / -remove x

Whereas x stands for: Name, Exp, Health, Kills, Hits.

-= Medals =-

Type -medals to see the number of medals every team member has

Type -showmedals x to see the medals of a certain player

Whereas x stands for player name or player color

Type -hidemedals to hide the medal screen

-= Ranks =-

You will be promoted once you reach a certain amount of experience

Each promotion offers a number of small stats bonuses such as additional hitpoints or slightly increased movement speed

You also require a minumum rank to play advanced hero classes or to use special abilities

All ranks are seperated into two groups: Enlisted and Officer

To find out more about a certain group type:

-help Enlisted or -help Officer

-= Commands =-

-mystats: Displays information about your hero

-kills: Displays your hero's kills

-hits: Displays your hero's hits

-team: Displays every players' class

-tl: Pings the position of all players on the minimap

-cam: Resets the camera

-cam [distance]: Zooms the camera to a certain distance

-kick: Kicks a player. Can only be used by Player 1

-showmedals [player] / -hidemedals: Shows or hides a player's medal view

-medals: Displays the number of medals every player has

-debug: Fixes some of the more common glitches in the game

-save: Generates a save code

-load [your code]: Loads a save code

-check [code]: Verifies your last saved code. Only works after saving once